Switching up the Hemispheres

Going back home has really made me realize jut how long it’s been since I’ve strolled down Robson street, sipped a latte in my favorite cafes, swam in the pacific, really saturated myself in things that used to be so familiar. Has anything really changed?

And then I realized. I came here straight from Asia – only sporting bikini’s, thongs, sunscreen, sarongs and random knickknacks picked up along the way. I have been so excited to fill my closet with Australian labels – Zimmerman, White Suede, Bec and Bridge, Museum, etc. What do people even wear in Canada anymore?

I am now HYPED for shopping, and it feels more like a vacation than somewhere I used to know.

If Canada did anything well, I would have to say winterwear would be up there. I am more than excited to find a nice heavy coat to snuggle up in just in time for our Australian Winter. Below – an absolute favourite home-brewed Canadian brand - Mackage.

Butter-soft leathers, ultra cute rainy day trenches and an amazing new ready to wear line. Don't mind if I do!

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