At first you feel like dying and then you feel REBORN!

For me, every Monday morning is a chance to start over fresh and get back on the fitness cycle. I'm aware I should be consistent even through the weekend, but I am training myself to get to that point! There's got to be middle ground between pretending 4 martinis are a juice diet and asking for no butter/oil/fat/cheese/dressing/food at Sydney's hottest restaurants. Here is some inspiration to keep it up! 

I just finished the Bay Run(7k) in 35 minutes - not bad for a monday!!  What have you done today to get closer to your goal? 



On Friday I attended the Uberkate Fashion shoot in Long Reef on the Northern beaches of Sydney. It was an exciting day for me because a – I’d never been to Long Reef, b – I’ve never helped on sight for a photoshoot and c - words could not express how much I LOVE Uberkate.

We are changing the feel of the Uberkate imagery so the model, Renee Slanksky was chosen as she has a sensual and womanly appearance but still has the high fashion edge. Henryk Lobaczewski was the man behind the cam, and celebrity stylist Amber Renae helped with choosing the looks.

The stars aligned for Kate – as soon as we stepped on the beach the sun burst through the clouds. It was simply meant to be.

Here are a few sneak peak snaps from the Iphone – I’ll upload pictures once edited and ready to go (the raw images are phenom!!!)